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As your loved one ages, driving may become difficult or not possible due to associated medical conditions. In such cases coordinating a visit to the doctor or outings with family may become difficult. Our transportation services will allow your loved ones to get where they want to be, whether it is within the GTA or a different city. Our drivers will not only drive your loved one to where they need to go, they will also accompany them throughout and assist them with mobility.

Transportation Services Benefits

  • Our accessible transportation services in Toronto will allow your loved one to continue to participate in community activities such as attending religious services, family events, social events, and lectures. Our trained caregivers won't just pick up and drop off your loved ones, they will also help your loved ones get ready, accompany them, and provide any assistance they need during their visit.
  • Optima ensure your loved ones do not miss any medical appointments and perform errands such as shopping and buying groceries. They will also accompany your loved ones during appointments and ensure a safe return home.
  • Optima caregivers allow your loved one to escape feeling isolated and help them leave the house and attend events. Our caregivers will also provide companionship and help your loved with activities of daily living.
24/7 Live-updates and Support

At Optima we are re-imaging what senior care means. You can receive live photo updates through our innovative home monitoring application. This way, you will receive a notification when your loved has reached their destination.

Get Transportation in Toronto

To learn more about how we can help your loved one in Toronto with our transportation services, give us a call at 647-907-9214.


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