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Feet are the foundation of our lives. We put a considerable amount of pressure on feet and for the most part, our feet put up with this sort of abuse rather well. However, not taking care of feet, especially later in life, can result in some adverse side effects.

Foot care is very easily overlooked in the elderly as attention is usually paid to health problems such as joint pain, illnesses, and mental health. However, having healthy feet, especially for seniors, is very important as feet lose cushioning with age and nails can get brittle. This can slow down the healing of sores and make it very difficult for seniors to walk.

Benefits of Foot Care

Making sure your aging loved one has healthy feet can dramatically improve their quality of life. Here are some of the benefits of foot care.

Having an Active Lifestyle:

Foot problems can cause mobility problems. The longer the feet can keep your loved one mobile, the longer they can keep a healthy and active lifestyle going.

Improved Blood Circulation:

Many seniors have poor circulation in their feet, which can slow the healing of foot sores. A foot massage can greatly improve the circulation.

Early Identification of Health Problems:

By keeping a close eye on feet, you can spot early warning signs for health problems. Health problems such as poor circulation, diabetes, nerve damage, and arthritis can all have a noticeable effect on feet.

Our Foot Care Services

Our foot care nurses in Toronto have years of experience and specialized training to ensure the best possible foot care for your family. They will visit you in your home, at a time that’s convenient to you, and treat any foot related issues.

Our qualified nurses provide the following foot care services.

  • Assessment of feet
  • Foot massages to improve blood circulation
  • Education on foot hygiene
  • Pedicure: Cutting and filing toenails
  • Identification of any further care which may be needed

Expert Chiropodists and Foot Care Nurses in Toronto

Our roster of expert podiatrists and foot care nurses ensures you and your family get the best foot care possible. Whichever problems arise with respect to your feet, whether it is pain, discomfort, or fungus, our foot care staff will provide personalized management plan for your particular needs.

Get Foot Care in Toronto

Give us a call at 647-907-9214 to discuss how your family and loved one may benefit from foot care.


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