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What is Respite Care?

People don’t always plan on becoming a caregiver to a loved one. Sometimes it’s a parent, sometimes a partner, sometimes even a child who ends up requiring a level of care that be overwhelming to even the most organized and efficient person. Regardless of the other responsibilities you have, being a family caregiver can consume all your energy – both physical and mental – as the job is very demanding.

Respite care refers to situations where a caregiver is required to fill in for your loved one's normal caregiver, whether that caregiver is a family member or hired professional. Mavencare will send a caregiver for the time you need and take care of your loved one while you take a break. Whether it is a few hours or days, our personalized care plans will ensure you are covered. Respite care services are available in your loved one's home in Toronto, retirement home or communities.

Is Respite Care Right for Me?

The relationships we have in our lives sustain us. We need them to survive, especially during the times when we think we can’t possibly maintain them because of other overwhelming responsibilities such as caregiving. Respite care can provide a much-needed break from daily caregiving duties, which is greatly beneficial for family caregivers. Providing long term care can be very stressful and has been associated with increased risk for mental and physical health concerns. Taking a break from caregiving allows people to refocus on their lives.

Benefits of Respite Care

One of the biggest problems family caregivers face is they try to do too much with little to no support leading to sickness themselves. At this stage, they face isolation as they have often let their other relationships fall to the wayside during the task of caring for the person they love. Meeting friends and having a nice chat be a breath of fresh air.

Our respite care services include:

Personalized Care:

Your family’s needs are unique and so is their care. At Mavencare, we recognize this and personalize all our care plans to meet your needs. Whether your loved one needs companionship, transportation to a clinic, medication supervision or basic personal care, we have you covered.

Caregiver Matching:

When it comes to in home care, personal compatibility between a senior client and their caregiver is a central part of the service itself. Mavencare provides a caregiver that your loved ones will get along and feel comfortable with. Our caregiver matching system will ensure your loved one gets a caregiver they are comfortable with.

24/7 Live-updates and Support:

You can receive live photo updates through our innovative home monitoring application. It is free and included in all care plans. This way, you are always in touch with your loved whether you are taking a break to catch up with a friend in Toronto or going on a vacation.

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