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Spending one's last years happily at home should be achievable by anyone who wants that. People generally want to live independently regardless of their age, but unfortunately that's not always possible. Age brings a decline in physical and cognitive abilities that can make it difficult to live without assistance.

That's where home caregivers come in—they provide your loved ones the assistance they need in order to otherwise live independently. They work closely with your loved one to ensure they are able to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Furthermore, There can be times when your loved one needs round-the-clock care. Seniors with arthritis, dementia, or those recovering from a recent surgery or stroke can benefit greatly from full time care at home in the Greater Toronto Area.

Shift and 24 Hour Live-In Services

We provide highly qualified and compassionate caregivers - both male and female - for live-in care or overnight care. We can personalize the care plan to meet your requirements and needs.

Shift Services

If your loved one is in need of constant care, this service is ideal. Our shift services offer multiple caregivers providing care and support to your loved one in 8 or 12 hour shifts (depending on the needs). This includes caregiving throughout the night so you can rest assured there is someone to take care of your loved ones when it is needed. Because our caregivers will be working in shifts, you do not have to worry about providing meals or sleeping space for the caregivers.

24-Hour Live-in Services

This form of round-the-clock care provides your loved one 24-hour assistance with their daily activities to ensure safety. Live-in care is the superior alternative to long term care facilities for seniors reluctant to move away from their home. The designated live-in caregiver will live in the client’s Toronto home to ensure the highest quality of care.

Benefits of Live-in Care

Our caregivers provide personal support and more:

  • Personal care and help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Companionship
  • Dressing 
  • Grooming
  • Helping with mobility and fitness exercises
  • Providing medication reminders and monitoring health
  • Performing light housekeeping tasks and preparing delicious meals
  • Accompanying to doctor appointments and social outings
Caregiver Matching

Senior care isn't just about performing medical duties with any available caregiver from some agency, it's about building a relationship with a professional that works well with your family. To ensure the best quality of care for your loved one in Toronto, we hire the highest quality caregivers who are algorithmically matched with clients using demographic, clinical, and personality characteristics.

24/7 Live-updates and Support:

Families get full access to our apps. This allows live updates sent directly to our clients’ phones. Whether you are living in Toronto or a different city, our technology will ensure you are always connected and in the loop.

Get Live-in Care in Toronto

Give us a call at 647-907-9214 to discuss how your family and loved one may benefit from live-in home care services. Our care coordinators in Toronto provide free consultation and resources so you can make the best decision regarding caring for your loved one


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